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Welcome to the HAL Collection of the GERiiCO laboratory

The GERiiCO laboratory is a research pole with an international vocation in information and communication sciences in the Hauts-de-France region. It is composed of 38 scientists from different faculties. GERiiCO's main focus is the analysis of information  and communication practices, processes and systems that are understood in their linguistic and discursive, technological and symbolic dimensions.

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« The report of the « Electronic Laboratory Notebook » (ELN) working group provides a common vision on the definition, framing, uses and functional scope of the ELN, which must be able to integrate into existing IT and institutional environments. It makes recommendations on the requirements for the choice of a tool and includes a comparative list of […]

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« Transformative arrangements – including Transformative Agreements and Transformative Journals – were developed to encourage subscription journals to transition to full and immediate open access within a defined timeframe (31st December 2024, as specified in the Plan S Implementation Guidance). After careful consideration of the outcomes of transformative arrangements, the leadership of cOAlition S reaffirms that, […]

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(…) SciLake is a Horizon Europe project that aims to introduce and establish the concept of the scientific lake, a research ecosystem where scientific knowledge is contextualised, connected, interoperable, and accessible overcoming challenges related to the heterogeneity and large interconnectivity of the underlying data. (…) »

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« From March to September 2022, the «Platinum Open Access Funding» Project (PLATO), in collaboration with the Institute for Applied Data Science & Finance at the Bern University of Applied Sciences, undertook a bibliometric and empirical study of the Platinum/Diamond open access journal landscape in Switzerland. The PLATO project is an initiative of six Swiss universities […]

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« Les enjeux du blogging scientifique La pratique du “blogging” s’est beaucoup répandue parmi les chercheurs et doctorants ces dernières années car elle a de multiples avantages. Les blogs scientifiques, apparus en 2002, sont désormais variés, avec des contenus qui peuvent correspondre à un projet de recherche, au partage d’informations d’une communauté, à des séminaires, de […]

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