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Welcome to the HAL Collection of the GERiiCO laboratory

The GERiiCO laboratory is a research pole with an international vocation in information and communication sciences in the Hauts-de-France region. It is composed of 38 scientists from different faculties. GERiiCO's main focus is the analysis of information  and communication practices, processes and systems that are understood in their linguistic and discursive, technological and symbolic dimensions.

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Nom: Hélène Prost

Collection created and administered on the HAL platform (CCSD) and produced with the help from MSH Dijon
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Reviewing the subject classification in re3data

« When looking for a suitable repository, the discipline(s) a repository caters to is one of the most important pieces of information. The re3data Metadata Schema reflects this priority by requiring the element subject for all indexed repositories. However, describing the disciplinary focus of research data repositories is not an easy task. In this blog post, […]

Cour des comptes : La politique documentaire et les bibliothèques universitaires dans la société de l’information [référé]


#Lundisnum l L’écosystème numérique du consortium MASA [vidéo]


Évaluation de la production des laboratoires de recherche en SIC dans l’environnement de la science ouverte : analyse bibliométrique des publications sur HAL


INRAE : Ouvrir les sciences, plus que jamais


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