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Lithospheric Line drawing GANs PET Imaging Stars fundamental parameters Galaxy abundances Atherosclerosis Multigrid method GM-PHD Radiative transfer Action Detection Imagerie sismique Diffusion MRI Surveys Density Point process Segmentation Tomographie Remote Sensing Methods numerical Image processing Reconstruction Protoplanetary disks Stars abundances Mean-field limit Convolutional neural networks Small object detection Object detection Inverse theory OPAL-Meso Neural Rendering Gaunt Coefficients Planets and satellites formation Gaussian Process Multiple Sclerosis Machine learning $p$-robustness Minor planets Convolutional neural network Inversion de formes d'ondes A posteriori estimate Stars atmospheres Tractography Generative adversarial networks Seismic imaging Alps Spherical Harmonics Schwarz method Remote sensing Stable decomposition EEG Multi-View Computer Graphics Marked point process Material capture Plasmas Domain adaptation Télésismique Turbulence MEG Gravitation Appearance capture Attention Lithosphérique CNN Sketch-based modeling Hydrodynamics Teleseismic 3D reconstruction Full-waveform inversion Planets and satellites dynamical evolution and stability Alzheimer's disease Visual attention Event camera Alpes Non-photorealistic rendering Neuromorphic Densité Méthodes directes Tomography Finite element method Saliency Neural networks SVBRDF Structural Connectivity Supernovae general Deep learning Planet-disk interactions Deep Learning Astrophysics - Earth and Planetary Astrophysics Image-Based Rendering Sketching Systèmes linéaires creux Controlled source seismology Catastrophic forgetting Dense labeling Instabilities Compound regularization Visual data classification Semantic segmentation

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