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Systems and Control Group



Research in the Control Group is carried out methodologically. It builds upon a basis of applied mathematics and exact sciences (physics and biology) to address problems of analysis, modelling, and control of dynamical (physical) systems.



Theoretical research topics include but are not limited to:

  •     continuous-time, discrete-time and hybrid systems;

  •     geometric control;

  •     optimisation;

  •     state estimation and parameter identification;

  •     Lyapunov theory;

  •     differential equations (partial and ordinary);

  •     delay systems;

  •     synchronisation ;

  •     algebraic control theory;

  •     passivity.



In addition, we are experts in various domains of engineering such as :

  •    mechanical systems;

  •    electrical systems;

  •    autonomous vehicles (aerial, terrestrial, marine);

  •    energetical systems.

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